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If you have ever gone through the process of building a new home or completing a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation you would have more than likely heard your local Mornington Peninsula plumber talk about “roughing in” but you must not fully understand what they are referring to. Orbit’s plumber Somerville is here to explain it in depth:

The word rough in in is close to what it sounds like as it commonly refers to a quicker process that involves installing the pipe work needed for gas and or water as well as other plumbing products inside the walls or ceiling space inside a house. Our Frankston plumbing and rough in specialist advises that rough ins are ideally scheduled for a new build just after the carpenter has built the house frame but before the plasterers hang the walls and ceilings, timing the rough in at this stage means your plumbing networks can be connected without the Mornington plumbers being restricted by the newly installed plaster.

Plumber Somerville water pipes roughed in

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