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At Orbit Plumbing Frankston we take our Safety very seriously. Everyone wants to go home safe and feel like they are well. We take special precautions to ensure that we work in the safest way possible. All of our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers have their own safety bag which contains protection against one of the dangerous career choices out there.

Lets start with one of the most dangerous jobs a Plumber Mornington does on a regular basis, using a Demo saw to cut through concrete. now this tool is extremely power full. If you hold it the wrong way they are prone to flip up and cut your arms off. If one of our Somerville Plumbers where to be cutting they would first be trained on how to use the tool correctly before attempting it on their own. While using the demo saw they would have ear plugs and ear muffs on to block out the extreme noise, they would have full Safety Glasses that cover all the way around the side of their eyes properly so to stop any concrete pieces flying up, they would have a gas mask on to protect them from the concrete dust entering their lungs as well as making sure the filters are replaced regularly, they would be wearing safety gloves for better grip and protection from small objects, knee pads to protect their knees from being in pain on hard concrete and of course proper feet protection.

So as you can see only doing one task requires quite a lot of Personal Protective Equipment. Its also very important to make sure that the area is blocked off properly with signage so no one else enters the working zone as they could possibly come into harms way.

When our Frankston South Plumber is installing Plumbing Products in a high location like changing double story gutters for example we will always make sure we use the right equipment such as a scissor lift or boom lift as it is to dangerous installing double story gutters on a house with a long ladder.

At the end of the day taking shortcuts with safety may make your job go faster and cost the customer less although no ones life is worth risking anything for any amount of money.

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