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Need a plumber? Orbit Plumbing provides quality cost-effective plumbing solutions for an array of plumbing requirements. We will rectify any emergency problem to do with plumbing Mornington Peninsula can throw at us.

We have many years of experience, servicing every type of plumbing Frankston & the Mornington Peninsula has on offer. Wherever you are on the map, we know our stuff and no job is too much trouble.

Orbit Plumbing offers an emergency plumbing service. In an emergency situation, Orbit Plumbing can respond quickly whether you need a plumber Mornington way, Somerville direction, throughout Frankston, or anywhere on the Peninsula. Whatever the issue, we can fix it – sometimes immediately after the emergency call.

We recently completed a Frankston plumbing job where the fixtures in the bathroom were dripping non-stop. A plumber Frankston bound arrived at our customer’s home within 15 minutes of the call out and stopped the dripping immediately.

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Frankston & Mornington plumbing customers enjoy the peace of mind that our arrival will be fast and fuss free when they need it most. Orbit Plumbing is here for you. Give us a call today to speak with an experienced plumber about your specific plumbing requirements.

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Plumbing Frankston TapsTaps, Mixers & Sinks

Are your taps constantly dripping? Leaky taps can be a nuisance and also cost you a fortune on your water bill. We can put a stop to this by replacing parts in your tapware or sink. In some cases the best solution is to replace your tapware. Orbit Plumbing is always happy to help you decide on the best option for your specific needs. We can supply and install new taps, sinks and mixers same day with a minimum of fuss.

Plumbing Frankston ToiletsToilets

Does your toilet constantly leak or drip? We can take a quick look and most of the time fix the problem on the spot! If the problem is more serious you don’t always need to replace your whole toilet, we will always discuss all of your options before proceeding with work. Maybe your tired old bathroom needs an update, Orbit Plumbing know which toilets will suit the connections in your home and can work with you to find and install a toilet to suit your requirements.

Plumbing Frankston Hot WaterHot Water

Orbit Plumbing can help with all of your hot water needs. We can calculate & recommend the right hot water unit to fit your needs and install it in the best location around your house so no more cold showers! We Install all types of Hot Water services including but not limited to Gas storage hot water units, Gas Continuous flow Instantaneous Hot water Units & Solar Hot water systems.

Plumbing Frankston AquaMAX   Plumbing Frankston Bosch   Plumbing Frankston Dux   Plumbing Frankston Rheem    Plumbing Frankston Vulcan  Plumbing Frankston Rinnai

Plumbing Frankston Gas FittingGas Fitting

If you decide to install a new stove, hot water unit, wall furnace or any kind of gas appliances, Orbit Plumbing will first do the maths and calculate if your gas line can handle the extra mega joules. When we complete your work you can feel safe knowing your new gas appliances have been installed correctly and you and your family will not be exposed to any dangerous gases. By law all plumbers are required to issue a compliance certificate to certify the work is completed by a licensed professional.

Plumbing Frankston DrainageDrainage Maintenance

Our philosophy is to fix your drainage problems properly the first time! We can just remove the blockage but it will almost always return. Instead our plumbers can inspect the pipes with a camera, locate the cause of the blockage and repair any damage for a permanent, effective solution.

Plumbing Frankston Cold WaterCold Water

Have you run over your front garden tap? Can you see a pool of water forming from under the grass in your yard? Can you hear a constant sound of water running underneath your house? Is your ceiling dripping with water? Is your water bill unusually high and you suspect a leak? Firstly, turn your water off at the water meter usually located at the front of your property. You more than likely have a burst pipe. Call Orbit Plumbing. We are happy to come find the problem and repair it for you on the spot. If your water has very low pressure you might have very old piping that has corroded from the inside and is blocking up the water pipes with rust or you may have a kink somewhere in the line. We can Investigate & locate these problems. Then advise you on the best solution & implement it for you whether it be a quick cut out & replacement of a small section of pipe or to do a complete Water renewal.

Plumbing Frankston PoolsPools & Spas

Have your spa jets stopped pumping? Is your pool or spa colder than normal? Orbit Plumbing can investigate, diagnose & rectify your equipment issues so you can enjoy your spa and pool all year round.


PumpsPlumbing Frankston Pumps

If you have plans to put in a new rainwater tank and you need a Pump installed or your existing pump has decided to stop working. If you have a pool or spa and you need a replacement pump or if you want to upgrade that bath tub into a spa bath, then you will also need a pump.  Please call us as we can help you. We will investigate to find the best solution and sort everything out for you so you will be up and pumping as soon as possible.

Plumbing Frankston Rain TanksRain Tanks

Rain tanks are a great way to save money on your water bill. You could run a tank feed to your toilets or just use it to keep your garden looking fresh and bright. Even if you are running short on space we can install slim line units in tight locations.

Plumbing Frankston Roof LeaksRoof Leaks & Penetrations

Have you noticed some water damage appearing in your ceiling plasterboard? We can come out and investigate where the leak is and repair the problem before any further damage can occur. Remember to look out for any damage or discolour in you ceilings, especially during the winter months.

Gas HeatingPlumbing Frankston Gas Heating

Ducted Heaters, Wall Furnaces, Space heaters, Gas log fires. Orbit Plumbing looks after all of your gas heating needs. If your gas heater is not working we can diagnose the problem and either repair or replace your heater so you can stay cosy & warm in winter and all year round.

Plumbing Frankston MaintenanceMaintenance Plumbing

We are skilled in all areas of plumbing from new homes to renovations and all of your maintenance needs. We strive for the highest quality of work. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards in quality and customer satisfaction.

Plumbing Frankston Septic SystemsSeptic Systems

Orbit Plumbing are experts in all things septic. Over the years, many septic systems on the Mornington Peninsula have been installed incorrectly and are a nuisance to the environment and a major health risk to you and your family… [read more]

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