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When it comes to plumbing Mornington residents know the importance of having it all in proper working order. Orbit Plumbing are here to make sure that is the case for each and every one of our customers. Whether you are dealing with an emergency or just have a pesky problem you want fixed sooner rather than later, we can provide fantastic value service that will leave you impressed.

We are responsible for installing and maintaining the quality plumbing Frankston as well as the Mornington Peninsula locals use and rely on each day and we want to keep it that way. Our methods ensure that new installations are carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail which ensures longevity in the working order for many years to come. If you unfortunately encounter a fault in your plumbing our team can assist as quickly as you need them to and resolve the inconvenience so that you will not have to worry about it happening again any time soon.

You will see below on this page we have detailed some of our most common works and why you can put your trust in us to do the job. If you have a query on something that is not mentioned here we would be happy to talk it through with you.

If you need a plumber Frankston bound to fix your issue, just call Orbit Plumbing on 0447 007 178 and relax while we take care of all your plumbing related grief.


Plumbing Frankston TapsTaps, Mixers & Sinks

Our qualified plumbers have developed an almost foolproof approach to leaky or hard to turn tap ware. We use specialised tools on the inner parts of the taps to thoroughly clean and smooth out every crevice and replace any inferior parts, resulting in an excellent working tap with no drips or leaks, considerably extending the life of your tap ware.

Plumbing Frankston ToiletsToilets

Replacing a toilet does not have to be an overly expensive exercise. Depending on your reasons for wanting a replacement our plumbers will talk you through all the options available and always provide you with effective alternatives based on what is most important to you whether it is price, functionality or looks. Before you invest in a brand new toilet, speak to us and make sure you are aware of what will suit your existing connections. Many of our customers who had thought replacement was the only option have been lucky enough to keep their existing suite after our plumbers updated a few small parts.

Plumbing Frankston Hot WaterHot Water

Sick of missing out on a hot shower in the morning? Your hot water unit is probably not meeting your families unique requirements. Orbit Plumbing can simplify all the jargon you will probably come across when researching new hot water systems. We will ask easy questions like how many people live in your house to work out what method of hot water you will benefit from and which unit best suits your needs. We install all brands and we can arrange same day installations so that you won’t have to go without.

Plumbing Frankston AquaMAX   Plumbing Frankston Bosch   Plumbing Frankston Dux   Plumbing Frankston Rheem    Plumbing Frankston Vulcan  Plumbing Frankston Rinnai

Plumbing Frankston Gas FittingGas Fitting

The most critical step in the installation of any new gas appliance is to accurately assess your current gas line and ensure that it is big enough to handle a new appliance or a replacement appliance that uses more gas. Plumbers in Victoria must follow very strict guidelines to ensure that gas lines are not overloaded which could cause serious and sometimes life threatening risks to you and your family if not adhered to correctly. To protect Victorians safety and well being all licensed plumbers are required to issue compliance certificates for all jobs involving gas. These certificates are lodged with the Victorian Building Authority who complete compliance audits at random to ensure the plumber has completed the job adequately.

Plumbing Frankston DrainageDrainage Maintenance

Blockages are always a sign of trouble in the network, it may be a crack or a hole that has allowed in dirt and debris. Maybe a root from a tree in your garden has managed to overpower the strength of your piping and become lodged in the way. In any case we can clear the blockage for you but unless the cause of the blockage is also rectified you will most likely call on us again in the very near future as the problem will strike again. Our best method with blocked or burst drains is to locate and dig down to the affected area and replaced all of the section that has been compromised with brand new sturdy piping, protecting you from future troubles

Plumbing Frankston Cold WaterCold Water

Any concern you have related to the water in or around your home and property is more than likely valid and definitely something Orbit Plumbing would be happy to help you with. Our team are fantastic at identifying leaks and bursts and can come up with fast and effective solutions to fix your problem straight away. Can you hear a constant banging noise when you turn on your taps? This is often a result of the piping inside your walls not being properly secured due to incorrect installation or movement over time, don’t put up with this annoyance any longer when we can fix it for you in a flash and ensure we follow the correct requirements. Maybe you a fed up with paying exorbitant water bills and truly feel like something isn’t quite right, let us know, we can workshop several scenarios in which you might be losing lots of water and $$. In some cases be eligible for reimbursement from your water board.

Plumbing Frankston PoolsPools & Spas

Chances are you don’t get regular consistent use out of your pool or spa all year round.. So when its time to pull off the cover and dip your toes in you want to be sure its in tip top condition, during the lead up to the summer months for our plumbers Mornington is a hot spot that we frequent to ensure customers can get some serious use from their pools and spas.

PumpsPlumbing Frankston Pumps

Several plumbing set ups divert and redirect water around by way of a pump. Our Mornington plumbing pump expert can help you identify whether a pump would be beneficial in your circumstance. We can diagnose and rectify issues with your existing pump and share with you some trade secrets on how to get the most for your money out of your particular device.

Plumbing Frankston Rain TanksRain Tanks

Keep the ever rising cost of water bills down and reduce your carbon foot print in the process by installing a rain tank. The water that the rain tank collects can be diverted to use in your toilets or to an outside tap to keep your garden well hydrated. Talk to us about the numerous options that could be perfect for you.

Plumbing Frankston Roof LeaksRoof Leaks & Penetrations

During the wetter months remember to stay vigilant and on the lookout for any signs of a possible leak. The most obvious signs are things like drips or wet patches in your ceiling or anywhere on the plaster boards inside your home. The sooner you notice a problem and call on our Somerville plumber, the less impact this will potentially have on your home.

Gas HeatingPlumbing Frankston Gas Heating

Orbit Plumbing have you covered in all things heating related. Our Frankston Plumbing services can diagnose and rectify problem as well as replace: Ducted Heaters, Wall Furnaces, Space heaters, Gas log fires keeping you out of the cold all winter long.

Plumbing Frankston MaintenanceMaintenance Plumbing

A large aspect of our business is maintenance plumbing which is a term which refers to the task of regularly checking and restoring all the minor plumbing in your home such as your taps, toilets, shower heads, sinks, appliances and more. We can clean intricate parts to extend the life of the product, replace small parts to fix any issues, replace whole fixtures or fittings and the list goes on!

Plumbing Frankston Septic SystemsSeptic Systems

Many larger properties require Mornington Peninsula plumbers to maintain and eventually update their septic waste management system. This is often quite a lengthy and labour intensive job, Orbit Plumbing perform many septic maintenance and installations and are very knowledgeable on the process and council requirements for more information see our page dedicated to all things septic systems.

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