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Poly fusion welded fittings are used in conjunction with poly ethylene pipe. Our Mornington plumbing professional simply explains the way that fusion welding works is by using high currents of electricity which send electrical current through the fitting from one point to another, this then heats up the plastic piping and melts the fitting to the pipe. Our Somerville plumbers can also weld pipe to pipe which is a technique our Mornington Peninsula plumbers refer to as butt fusion welding.

This particular range of piping and plumbing products is a great method for long distance gas piping as we are able to purchase the gas rated poly pipe or tiger pipe as we refer to it in the industry in 100 meter coils or even longer which means that there is no joints underneath the ground that could potentially leak or become damaged. Poly piping is flexible and is usually purchased in coils so rolling out this poly pipe makes for a much faster installation for our plumber Frankston than if we were to use copper piping for example.

Plumber Mornington Poly Fusion weld gas pipe

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