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There’s a new kind of Copper fittings in town and our Plumber Frankston located thinks they look awesome. It’s called Pressed Copper. Pressed copper comes in a full copper fittings and is designed to fit over either gas or water. They contain a small rubber seal inside the copper flange and with a quick press of the crimping tool our Mornington Plumbers can achieve a neat joint in a matter of seconds.

The older type of copper jointing is oxygen & acetylene welding. This form of joining copper fittings is messy and requires our Somerville Plumber to carry around large gas bottles with regulators and gauges and set it all up and pack it away every time we use them.

The end result when using this new type of copper fittings gives a much more professional and neat finish and gives the appliance, fixture or plumbing products that has been installed a real sense being tidy. We can use hard drawn copper which comes as hard long straight pieces and quickly join bends on to give the perfect finish.

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