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Pressure Limiting Valves Explained | Orbit Plumbing

Plumber Mornington 350kpa Pressure Limiting Valve Orbit PlumbingHave you ever needed a Pressure limiting valve or a pressure reducing valve installed in your home and you where wondering why the hell do i have to pay all this money for such an expensive valve?

Well let our Orbit Plumber Frankston region and Mornington Plumber explain the importance of pressure limiting valves to you.

Firstly all homes at least in the south eastern region and mornington peninsula plumbers area have a 500kpa pressure limiting non return valve installed at their water meter. This is crucial as a lot of plumbing fixtures these days can not handle super high pressures and it protects your home from having a blow out.
A Pressure limiting Valve is exactly as the name suggests. It limits pressure of water. You can get a similar plumbing products for gas but that is called a Gas regulator and is for another time to explain.

It is Victorian Building Authority Plumbing regulations that a 350kpa pressure limiting valve must be installed by our Somerville Plumbers when you get either a dishwasher or a refrigerator that is hooked up to the water supplied installed in the line before the appliance. This is because these appliances are prone to flood houses and cost people a lot of money.

Orbit Plumbing’s Mount Eliza Plumber tells us that If you do not have one installed and your house is flooded, in most cases your insurance company will not cover for the damage as there should have been one installed in the first place so it is crucial that you make sure your plumber installs one at your house.



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