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Plumber Mornington: Queen Street Leaky Toilet

This project required our Mornington plumber to repair a leaking toilet. Before Orbit Plumbing arrived, the toilet was continuously running and leaking water all day and night. A leaky toilet can run up your water bill very quickly. Thankfully Orbit Plumbing put a stop to this problem quickly.

As you can see in the images below the cistern inlet valve was replaced. What you can not see is that the cistern outlet seal was also replaced. A lot of the time when we replace these cistern inlet valves, we also end up replacing the mini stop (isolation valve) and also the flexible hose running the water from the mini stop into the cistern inlet valve.

Our Plumber Somerville way said “sometimes when all of the valves are changed, its easier and cheaper for the customer to change the old copper pipe to a new flexible hose, as the connections are slightly different. A lot of the time the mini stop seizes up and can not be turned on or off.”

You can check out the plumbing products our Mornington Peninsula Plumber can install.

Do you have issues with a leaking toilet? Call our Orbit Plumber Frankston at 0447 007 178 and speak directly with a licensed plumber.
mornington plumbers queen street leaky toilet beforemornington plumbers queen street leaky toilet after

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