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Plumber Carrum Downs: Earnshaw Drive Pan Collar Replacment

When it comes to your toilet, any type of leak is a sign that the toilet is not in proper working order, this is especially the case when its from your pan collar and sewerage is leaking onto the floor. When Orbit Plumbing arrived to this job, they noticed that the client had tried to fix the problem by applying silicone to the pan collar rubber to the toilet pan making it very hard for us to remove the toilet without breaking the pan outlet.

Replacing a pan collar requires removal of the entire toilet this can be a tricky obstacle to overcome because the screws can rust over time and seize in place. Once the toilet was successfully removed, the pan collar was then carefully inspected, we had to delicately break out the pan collar due to the age of the pipe. Depending on the age, the pipe can become very brittle, luckily we had no troubles removing the old pan collar and replacing it with a new one. Now the new pan collar was ready for the toilet to be replaced and the client was asked to be careful when using the toilet for the next 24 hours while the silicone dried but after that he would have no more worries.

Carrum Downs Plumbers Earnshaw Drive Pan Collar Replacment BeforeCarrum Downs Plumbers Earnshaw Drive Pan Collar Replacment After

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