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Plumber Dromana: Callas Street Toilet Replacement

Time for a new toilet? This before and after of a job in Dromana is a great example of how you can brighten up your bathroom with a new toilet. This time around the client requested a complete new toilet, so we asked them a few simple questions over the phone before leaving so we would know exactly what to bring with us.

This toilet was a standard replacement as we started by turning the water supply off to the house and removing the mini stop and chrome cover plate from the wall. As soon as this was done we installed the new stop tap straight away and put the water back on for the client as the least amount of time the client is without water is better.

We then moved on to removing the cistern and old pan from the toilet space to uncover a filthy old pan collar. We will always replace a pan collar if we get the chance as it is the kind of part that will not last forever.

With the toilet room empty we now had the chance to begin building our new close couple toilet that would fit into position. As soon as it was built we could just slide the toilet straight into position and sit it snug on top of the new pan collar. A small amount of silicone is then required to fix the toilet to the floor and a good thorough testing to be sure of perfection.

Dromana Plumbers Callas Street Toilet Replacement BeforeDromana Plumbers Callas Street Toilet Replacement After


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