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Plumber Flinders: Hurst Street Cistern Leak

When you do maintenance plumbing you encounter a lot of similar but different jobs. Similar in that there is a leaking cistern but different because they are not always leaking for the same reason. The leak that was occurring in this clients cistern was not as simple as it seemed. The client informed Orbit plumbing the cistern was allowing water flow into the pan and a sound of water was constantly running.

On arrival to the clients house the Mornington Peninsula Plumber noticed that there was a large stream of water flowing from the cistern into the pan. On inspection of the cistern the plumber noticed that the inlet valve was not shutting off and it was allowing water to fill the cistern until it reached the over flow level and flowed into the pan.

This problem was easily over come by installing a new more compact inlet valve. After the plumber had installed the new inlet valve he began to refill the cistern and adjust the float so that the water was not over flowing. As soon as the water started the fill the cistern the Frankston Plumber noticed that the water was still flowing into the pan right away.

He thought it might be the seating washer on the flush valve. As he was removing the flush valve to replace the seating washer he noticed that the flush valve was broken and this is the reason the cistern was leaking water into the pan. After this was replaced the plumber checked for more leaks but he had successfully completed the job.


Flinders Plumbers Hurst Street Cistern Leak BeforeFlinders Plumbers Hurst Street Cistern Leak After

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