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Plumber Frankston: Beach Street Burst Hot Water Unit

Orbit Plumbing received an urgent call late one afternoon about a leaking hot water service at a clients house. The client spoke to Daniel and explained that the hot water unit serviced a small bathroom and kitchen sink in the shed. They also explained that the hot water unit was located under the bench of the kitchen sink making it difficult to access.

Upon arrival at the job the Frankston plumbers from Orbit noticed that the the client had built the cabinet after the unit had been installed. They explained to remove this unit and install a new one they would need to dismantle some shelving. The client was more then happy for them to remove the shelving. When it came to disconnecting the hot water unit, the Frankston South plumber had to twist and bend in all sorts of different ways just to get within reaching distance of the unit.

After a long battle they finally removed the unit from under the bench and they decided it would be easier to assemble most of copper work out of the cabinet and connect it to the unit. Once they had done all the copper work they placed the new unit in its position making it a lot easier to reconnect the unit to the existing pipes.


Frankston Plumbers Beach Street Burst Hot Water Service

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