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Plumber Frankston: Joy Street Leaking Sink

Leaking sinks can be very destructive on the cupboard that they rest upon. If they are not rectified quickly they can make the timber of the cupboard swell and become water logged. This can make the cupboard fall apart and it can also create mold due to the dampness of the area. When Orbit Plumbing gets a call out for a leaking sink they don’t hesitate and get to the job as soon as they can.

When the Frankston Plumbers arrived to this job they found that the cabinet was already starting to show signs of water damage. This was due to the fact that the water had been leaking from the brim of the kitchen sink as it had not been installed correctly or water proofed correctly allowing water to soak under and run down the back of the cupboard.

The plumber also noticed that the mini-stop taps had been leaking slightly, not helping the situation. The plumbers rectified the job by replacing the mini-stop taps and reinstalling the kitchen sink making sure it was completely water proof so that there would be no chance of leaking in the future.

Frankston Plumbers Joy Street Leaking ministops Frankston Plumbers Joy Street Leaking Sink

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