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Plumber Frankston South: Highland Drive Shower tap set

When it comes to having a shower it can be frustrating if the water wont come through properly or keeps changing temperature so when Orbit plumbing attended a job in highland drive and the client explained how the temperature of the shower kept varying from scorching hot to freezing cold without touching the taps the our plumbers new exactly what had to be done.

They began by testing the water for themselves to see exactly what was happening to the water whilst the shower was running. They also tested other fixtures around the house to see if any of them were varying in temperature and by doing this it can cancel out a lot of other possible issue’s.

After they tested and it was only the shower varying in temperature they began to remove the old taps to find they were well past their time so they replaced them at the clients request. We replaced the old spindle taps with ceramic 1/4 turn taps but before installing the new taps our plumbers re-seated the breach and blasted any foreign objects out of the breach and water line.

Once the breach was ready they inserted the new taps and began to test to discover they had fixed the problem and left the client very satisfied with  their work.

Frankston South Plumbers Highland Drive Shower taps replacement beforeFrankston South Plumbers Highland Drive Shower taps replacement After


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