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Plumber Frankston South: Lauren Court Dishwasher Installation

When Orbit plumbing arrived to the job at Frankston south to install a new dishwasher they quickly noticed the job was going to be a bit bigger then just installing a dishwasher. When they looked under the kitchen sink to disconnect the old dishwasher they explained to the client the situation and the client was more then happy for them to start working.

Once the old dishwasher had been removed the plumbers then had to disconnect all of the existing copper work and replaced it with a much more compact solution by installing a dual isolation valve on the cold line and a single isolation valve on the hot line, they also installed a 350kpa reducing valve to the dishwasher line so that the higher pressure form the mains water would not damage or break the dishwasher ensuring the life of the dishwasher would be significantly better.

After the dishwasher was installed the plumbers took the client through the process of how to use the dishwasher and explained everything in fine detail so the client knew how to operate their new dishwasher.

Frankston South Plumbers Lauren Court Dishwasher Installation underneath Frankston South Plumbers Lauren Court Dishwasher Installation


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