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Plumber Frankston South: Norman Avenue Tapware Fit Off

Recently Orbit plumbing received a phone call from our long time client in Frankston South inquiring about getting there tap ware refurbished in their bathroom because their taps where constantly leaking and turning the handle was getting very hard to do. When we spoke to the customer they said that they would be interested in possibly replacing the tape ware all together, keeping this in mind we headed off to the job.

When the Frankston plumber arrived, they politely introduced them selves with a firm hand shake and a smile ear to ear. The client then proceeded to walk our plumber through their house to the bathroom. When the plumber walked into the bathroom he noticed that the client had already purchased new tap ware that they wanted installed. The client then explained that due to the age of the existing tap ware that they thought it was time for an upgrade. The plumber agreed with the client and began to remove the existing tap ware.

After a few moments the tap ware had been removed but the plumber noticed that the seats of the taps were a bit worse for ware. He explained this to the client so that the client knew everything that was happening. The plumber re-seated the taps and installed the new tap ware. He replaced the plastic jumper valves that came with the new tap ware to some copper soft close jumper valves and this allowed the client to be able to turn the taps on and off with only two fingers, making the client very pleased.

Frankston South Plumbers Norman Avenue Bath Tapware install Frankston South Plumbers Norman Avenue Tapware install

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