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Plumber Frankston South: Woodside Avenue Hand Shower Installation

Our Frankston Plumbers at Orbit Plumbing received a phone call from a client in Frankston South regarding a hand held shower they wanted installed in place of their pivotal shower head, our friendly licensed plumber explained that the hand held shower head would need to have its own resting seat for when it wasn’t in use or being used as a hand held.

When we arrived at the Frankston South plumbing job we took off our boots so that we wouldn’t make any mess in the clients home and laid a couple of towels down on the shower base to protect it and on the ground where our tools would be so that they would not damage the tiles. The process began by removing the existing shower rose, we also cleaned the thread and applied teflon for the new hand held shower to fit on, once this was complete the hand held shower rose was connected and placed it in it’s new holder and tested to check for leaks which there was none.


Frankston South Plumbers Woodside Avenue Hand Shower BeforeFrankston South Plumbers Woodside Avenue Hand Shower After

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