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Plumber Frankston: Wangarra Road Pan Collar replacement

Orbit Plumbing receive endless phone calls from customers requiring a leaking toilet to be rectified. Luckily we are the plumbing business for the job as we know our stuff about toilets. Our client informed us that there was a small pool of water forming on the ground around the bottom of the toilet and as they where an elderly couple, they could not get down low to figure out the problem.

We made our way straight over and the client showed us the troubling toilet. As soon as we had a look we could tell straight away that the toilets pan collar was very deteriorated and on further inspection with a flush, we found that water was gurgling up out of the withered pan collar.

When replacing a pan collar, most of the time it requires us to remove the existing toilet completely and re-install it again which was exactly the case in this situation. Because of the fact that the pan collar is the lowest and last point of contact for the toilet before the sewer pipe everything sits on top of it.

It was not long and we had removed the old toilet and re-installed the new pan collar with the same toilet back on top again. We will usually flush the toilet about 10 times after this so we can check for any leaks. This toilet was a quick successful rectification.

Frankston Plumbers Wangarra Road Pan Collar replacementFrankston Plumbers Wangarra Road Pan Collar replacement after

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