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Plumber Mornington: Tyalla Grove Basin Tap Refurbishment

We recently received a call out to a customers house in Tyalla Grove, Mornington were the customer had explained that there basin tap set was dripping continuously. This is actually a very common occurrence and we immediately thought that the job would involve cleaning up the refurbishing the tap set.

Our Mornington Plumbers arrived on site to discover the old tap set was incredibly difficult to turn on and off and they knew straight away that our initial thoughts of the job from the customers description was correct. We began by carefully taking apart the tap ware body. As we got to the chrome cover plate we noticed that it was very difficult to un-screw and seemed to be seized onto the thread.

The Plumber, Mornington Peninsula way used his set of foot grips with a rubbery cloth to very carefully apply enough pressure onto the cover plate without scratching it to finally release the hold that the seized thread had.

Once this cover plate was released everything flowed easy. We were able to remove the rest of the taps and refurbish them like normal, taking special care to ensure we cleaned the thread that the cover plate was attached to and making sure that it couldn’t become seized again.

Mornington Plumbers Tyalla Grove Basin Tap Refurbishment BeforeMornington Plumbers Tyalla Grove Basin Tap Refurbishment After

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