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Plumber Mount Martha: McLeod Road Stove top Install

When Daniel from orbit plumbing received a phone call about installing a gas stove top for our client from Mount Martha. She explained this would be the final piece to complete her newly renovated kitchen. The client also knew there are no second chances with gas and that is was why she had contacted Daniel to send a qualified gas fitter out to complete the job.

When Orbit plumbing’s Mornington Peninsula gas fitters first arrive at any job they always put the gas line on test to be sure that the line has no leaks prior to commencing work. After the test is complete, the Gas fitters then begin to run a new gas line for the clients new stove top installation They are always very careful to abide by the Plumbing gas regulations. Our Mount Martha plumber installed a gas rated and tested lugged elbow followed by a downward facing brass elbow. Next they will connect a gas rated and tested shut off valve. They do this because in case of emergency, repair, modification or replacement to the gas stove top they don’t have to shut off the entire gas line to the house.

Following on from the shut off valve the gas fitters then installed a gas regulator followed by a flexible gas hose. This hose is also tested and rated to Australia’s highest standard. This hose then connects to the stove top and the bottom of the regulator to allow gas to flow to the stove top. When the gas fitter has completed the installation, he once again tests the houses gas line to make sure that none of the new installations are leaking. He then re-connects the gas supply line so that he can test the stove top for correct function.

Mount Martha Plumbers McLeod Road Stovetop Installation

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