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Plumber Red Hill South: Aloha Road Flood under house

Burst pipes can result in an under home swimming pool. That was the case for Orbit Plumbings Red Hill South client. Daniel received a phone call from a distressed client who could hardly get their words out after Daniel calmed them down they explained that they could hear water running under their house and there was a large quantity of water flowing from the trap door leading under the house.

Daniel got to the job as quickly as possible having to put the job he was at on hold as this was an emergency plumbing issue. When Daniel arrived to the job he could see the water instantly flowing from under the house. He ran to shut the mains water tap off, stopping all water flow to the broken pipe. Now, Daniel had to do what ever plumber dreads climbing under a house that is flooded in water. When Daniel got to the pipe he thought was broken he got another Mornington Peninsula Plumber to turn the water on to see the exact location.

Daniel then proceeded to fix the problem. It was not an easy fix, it took patience and a strong will to complete it due to the tight space and amount of water in the location Daniel finished the job and requested the water to be turned back on. This showed Daniel that he had definitely fixed the pipe. Daniel proceeded to dry himself off as much as possible as he suggested the client leave the trap door open to create more air flow under the house to help dry the water up.

Red Hill South Plumbers Aloha Road Flood under house before - CopyRed Hill South Plumbers Aloha Road Flood under house after


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