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Plumber Sandhurst: Dass Court Storm water renewal

From time to time we see large amounts of rain water building up in low areas around people’s yards. Orbit Plumbing received a call regarding exactly this problem from a client in Sandhurst they were unsure on the reason but thought it might have been a broken pipe in the near vicinity, our plumber Daniel explained to the client that one of our emergency plumbers would be around there within the hour to inspect the situation.

When Orbit plumbing arrived, we noticed the large body of water in the back yard as well as water overflowing from the down pipes which are attached to the sides of the clients house. Upon digging around, we discovered that the storm water had been broken for some time allowing tree roots to enter the pipe and cause a blockage. We spoke to the client explaining the situation and that the pipe work would have to be replaced and a surface pit should be installed to collect the water that built up in the low point of the yard. The client was more then happy to have this work completed. Starting at the lowest point in the yard we installed the surface pit, this makes sure the correct fall is created leading away from the pit so that the pipes would carry the water away and the pit would not overflow, Once the pit was in place, new piping was laid and connected to the existing storm water point.

Sandhurst Plumbers Dass Court Stormwater Pipe Install Sandhurst Plumbers Dass Court Stormwater Pit Install

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