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Plumber Seaford: Boonong Avenue Leaking Toilet

Orbit Plumbing are called out to fix leaking toilets on a very regular basis. As Maintenance Plumbers Mornington Peninsula, no job is to small and we thrive on making sure our customer is looked after to their exact needs and to the very best of our ability. We will give you the best advice on to what we think your best solution is although we understand that not everyone wants to or can afford to always fix plumbing fixtures to perfection so we make sure to work to your requirements.

At this job in Boonong Avenue, Seaford we were called for a simple job were the customer had a leak going from the cistern into the pan. We noticed straight away that this leak was caused by the Cistern inlet valve overflowing through the overflow pipe and running into the pan. This was a quick fix as all that was required was that we replace the cistern inlet valve.

We asked the customer if they would like us to replace the other parts on the toilet as well although they just wanted the minimum done to make sure of no more leaks. It is normally a good opportunity to future proof your toilet by replacing the other parts although we only want to do what our customers want.

Seaford Plumbers Boonong Avenue Leaking Toilet BeforeSeaford Plumbers Boonong Avenue Leaking Toilet After

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