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Plumber Seaford: Carder Avenue Dishwasher Install

Our valued clients in Seaford recently made contact with Orbit Plumbing as they had been planning on installing a new dish washer. Like always, we were more than happy to help. Our client had informed us that they had recently had a kitchen renovation done and they had just not gotten around to installing a dish washer as yet and as you could imagine washing dishes by hand was taking up precious time that we are all low on these days.

When we arrived at the job we found that there was an empty hole in the kitchen under the bench top ready and waiting so this made our job a whole lot easier. We began this job by using our hole saw to drill a hole under the bench right at the back of the dish washer space and also inside the cupboard.

There was no dual isolation valve at the water points under the kitchen sink, so we decided to install a dual isolation valve on the cold water line and also installed a new mini stop on the hot line so that the taps would match. We then pulled the power cable, waste hose and inlet hose through the holes we drilled and brought them back up under the sink while pushing the dishwasher back into it’s resting position.

Finally we connected the pipes and power up and tested the unit, running a quick rinse through the customer’s dishwasher to find that the job was a success.

Seaford Plumbers Carder Avenue Dishwasher Installation under bench Seaford Plumbers Carder Avenue Dishwasher Installation

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