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Plumber Seaford: Elsie Avenue Toilet Re-Install

Daniel recently received a phone call from a client explaining they had water leaking from underneath the toilet after every time they flushed. They asked if a plumber could be sent out to investigate the situation and possibly fix the situation. Daniel said he would send someone out as soon as they could.

When the Seaford Plumber arrived to investigate the job he began by pulling the toilet out and disconnecting it from the water supply and sewer. He noticed that the pan adapter had been installed incorrectly and and the rubber was perishing which was not helping the situation at all. The plumber had to replace the pan adapter. He replaced the adapter by breaking the old one out. Its very tricky to do this, being careful not to break the pipe in the concrete.

Once the new pan adapter was installed the plumber then re-installed the clients toilet and tested for leaks. Once this was done and there was no leaks the plumber was on his way.

Seaford Plumbers Elsie Avenue Toilet Re-Install BeforeSeaford Plumbers Elsie Avenue Toilet Re-Install After

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