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Plumber Seaford: Florida Way Toilet

Orbit plumbing received a phone call recently from a returning customer in seaford on the Mornington Peninsula regarding installation of a new close coupled toilet in place of an existing worn out toilet. The client explained they were renovating their guest bathroom to bring it up to date with the latest trends.

When the plumbers arrived at the job they inspected the job thoroughly so they could get the correct toilet and fittings to complete the job. They started by removing the existing toilet. Once they had removed the toilet they noticed that the discharge pipe had broken, allowing sewerage water to leak.

They repaired the crack by grinding back concrete back so they could access the pipe. They fixed the pipe and moved onto changing the position of the mini-stop tap. They installed the new toilet with ease. After they connected the toilet they began to test the toilet to check for leaks and the client was extremely happy with the job that had been completed.


Seaford Plumbers Florida Way Toilet Install

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