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Plumber Seaford: Nepean Highway Commercial Toilets Refurbishment

Recently Orbit Plumbing was called upon to refurbish some commercial toilets on the Nepean Highway in Seaford. Our customer called “Daniel” our Plumber who is based out of Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula and informed him that there were multiple toilets leaking and they just wanted to ensure that they could future proof all of the toilets in one go so that no more leaking would occur.

Our Seaford Plumber arrived on site and found that most of the toilets where slowly leaking from the cistern into the pan. After speaking to the client, we decided to replace all of the valves and seals that are usually common causes of leaks.

We went through all of the toilets one by one and replaced the cistern stops, flexible hoses, cistern inlet valves, cistern flush valve seating washers and the pan collars of all of the toilets. Doing this eliminates almost all of the future causes of leaks that could occur with the toilets and lets the customer rest in peace knowing that not only will they not have to call a plumber for a long time but no more water loss will occur.

Seaford Plumbers Nepean Highway Commercial Toilets Refurbishment disabled toilet Seaford Plumbers Nepean Highway Commercial Toilets Refurbishment

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