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Plumber Seaford: Wise Avenue Dishwasher Install

Orbit plumbing received a phone call from a repeat customer with some questions about installing a dishwasher. The main question was water usage and how much they would save on water. After a long chat explaining the pros and cons to the client they agreed to having Orbit plumbing install one.

One of our Seaford Plumbers was there within the hour to assist the client with choosing and installing the dishwasher. When it came to installing the dishwasher, the plumber made sure to follow the rules and regulations carefully. Of the regulations the plumber had to follow, one was installing a 350kpa pressure reducing valve. This is so that the water pressure isn’t that high that it will cause faults and problems later on.

The Frankston Plumber also had to replace the single mini-stop tap for a dual isolation min-stop tap so that the water could feed the dishwasher and the kitchen sink at the same time. Once the fittings had been installed it was onto installing the dishwasher. The plumber drilled holes through the cabinet so that he could feed the power lead drain hose and water feed hose through to the correct points of connection. Once they were connected the plumber leveled the dishwasher and slid it into place being careful not to damage the floor or dish washer.

Seaford Plumbers Wise Avenue Dishwasher InstallationSeaford Plumbers Wise Avenue Dishwasher Installation external

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