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Plumber Shoreham: Blake Street Leaking Toilet

Orbit Plumbing receives a lot of phone calls every day regarding toilet leaks. This particular job was a little tricky for our plumbers. When Orbit Plumbing received the phone call to go fix this leaking toilet they thought it would be a nice easy fix but that was not the case. When they arrived to the job the Mornington Peninsula plumber began there process of elimination but that’s when they realized there was more then one leak on this toilet.

The plumbers had noticed 3 leaks coming from this unit. The 1st leak was the seating washer which had started to perish over time and was allowing water to leak into the pan. The plumbers rectified this leak first then they replaced the washer with a new longer life washer. This stopped the leaking into the pan from the flush valve.

The 2nd leak was coming due to a faulty inlet valve that was not shutting off the water and allowing water to overflow into the pan. The plumbers began to rectify this leak. They replaced the inlet valve flexible hose and mini-stop tap. This would help the life of the cistern last longer.

The 3rd leak came from the rubber seal on the flush pipe where it entered the pan. This was a bit of a tricky fix as the plumbers had to remove the cistern to replace it. Once they had replaced the rubber seal they had to align the cistern and flush pipe so that it was perfectly straight so that there was no more leaks. After this was done the job was complete and the toilet was almost brand new.

Shoreham Plumbers Blake Street Leaking Toilet BeforeShoreham Plumbers Blake Street Leaking Toilet After

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