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Plumber Somerville: Montrose Avenue Garden Tap Installation

Plumbers Mornington Peninsula wide know that when it comes to outside garden taps, you can never have enough because who wants to continuously stop and start watering your garden because the length of your hose does not reach far enough? When we received a phone call from our Somerville plumbing clients asking if it was possible to get a garden tap installed we were more than happy to head around and install an extra one.

After arriving at the job we began to inspect the area the client wanted the tap to be installed and after a detailed chat with the client to ensure they were completely happy, work was commenced. We started by drilling a hole into the brick work at the desired location once we had broken through the water was shut off temporarily then our plumber grabbed his tools and headed under the house. Luckily the mains water pipe ran right past the hole this made it a lot easier to connect to and run the new line. Using 20mm copper was the best option so that the out side tap would have a good flow rate of water. We finished the job off with absolute precision, bending the copper pipe and re mortaring the hole made in the brick work.

Somerville Plumbers Montrose Avenue Garden tap Install InternalSomerville Plumbers Montrose Avenue Garden tap Install External

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