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Plumber St Andrews Beach: Claudius Court Urinal

This Urinal at St Andrews Beach was troublesome at the best of times. We received a phone call from our customer explaining to us that there was a consistent leak running from the cistern into the urinal itself. This was almost sure to be caused due to a seating washer playing up.

Urinals are not designed to have standard cistern’s installed in place to allow water to flow down to flush the Urinal. They require a much smaller amount of water to be released from the cistern as they are only flushing liquid down into the sewer pipes.

At this job when we realized that the seating washer was damaged, we also found the cistern inlet valve to be ready for replacement. We explained to the customer that it would be best if we installed a specialized Urinal cistern although after being informed of the price of these units by our Mornington Peninsula Plumber, our customer decided they wanted us to look for a second option.

We found the smallest cistern that we could find and also found a cistern inlet valve that we could adjust to be extremely low. This is important because if the water enters the cistern to fast and does not allow the flush valve to close in time, the cistern could just keep flushing forever. Lucky we found a solution that worked for our customer.

St Andrews Beach Plumbers Claudius Court Urinal Leaking BeforeSt Andrews Beach Plumbers Claudius Court Urinal Leaking After

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