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Plumber Tyabb: Wellington Road Burst pipe

Orbit Plumbing also does emergency plumbing jobs, so it wasn’t a surprise when we received a phone call late one night regarding a burst water pipe in the front yard of one of our customer’s in Tyabb. The customer explained that the ground around the area had been wet for some time but they thought it was just ground water until it finally broke through the surface and was spraying water.

When we arrived at the job, it was pretty obvious that the it had been leaking for sometime from the size of the area that was submerged with water, our Mornington Peninsula plumber proceeded to turn the main water supply to the house off stopping the flow of water and pausing the leak. After he had dug the pipe up he turned the water on to clean the area that was broken so he could see where he needed to fix the pipe. The pipe was repaired with ease and was then tested by turning the tap on and making sure there was no leaks. Once the repair was perform we back filled the hole and reinstated the ground back to the neat tidy condition it was in on arrival.

Tyabb Plumbers Wellington Road Burst High Pressure PVC Water Pipe repair

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