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The Raypak spa and pool heater is one of Australia’s favorite water heaters for large open bodies of water. The Raypak brand is owned and operated by Rheem so they carry a great reputation for the quality of their plumbing products.

The Raypak comes as either a natural gas or LPG fueled system and it comes in a range of sizes to meet the needs of every pool or spa. For small to Large residential pools, the most common 3 models are the 131, 200 or 280. These are used in residential homes all across Australia.

Asking our Plumber Frankston based they explain that these water heaters should always be installed by a licensed gas fitter and plumber and they will more than likely also require the installation of a power point so an electrician will more than likely be needed as well.

These gas pool water heaters also require quite a high amount of gas so special care should be taken by your local Mornington Peninsula Plumber to ensure that the gas line at the home is sized correctly and carries enough gas supply pressure and flow to the water heater.

Plumber Mornington Peninsula Spa Heater installed

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