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Replace your old roofing screws | Orbit Plumbing

Our Plumber Frankston way tells us that a lot of roofs have rusty areas and are a major cause of flooding and leaking. Before there were hex headed roofing screws there were flat headed roof screws. These old style of roof fixings are virtually all now leaking water into the roof space during periods of heavy rain. These screws are a mission for our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers to remove as there is no good grip that you can use to unscrew these old screws.

Unlike the hex head screws or phillips head drill bit these flat head screws just continue to slip out while attempting to remove them. Regardless of this if you need Orbit Plumbing Somerville to come get this knocked over for you we are more than happy to assist.

Going on the idea that the roofing sheets are still in OK condition the best solution is to remove these old rusty screws and replace them with the new type of hex headed roofing screws. These come with rubber seals that stop any intrusion of water.

Plumber Somerville Old roofing screw

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