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Replacement parts for a gas storage hot water system | Orbit Plumbing

Hot water systems come in many different shapes and sizes and our Plumbers Frankston way are out and about on a daily basis replacing and fixing all of these types of units on a daily basis. In this post we will focus on the gas storage hot water system as these make up an enormous amount of hot water units that are installed around the Mornington Peninsula Plumbers region.

The warranty of the model you have may help to determine whether it is worth replacing these plumbing products parts or if you would be better off just replacing the entire system itself. A lot of gas storage hot water units that have a 5 year warranty will normally get you around a 10 year life span. If your unit has a 10 year warranty you would more than likely get around a 15 year life span.

Hot water units have a lot of parts that can not be replaced. The main parts that can be replaced are the thermocouple, the pressure temperate relief valve, the gas control valve and on some units that have inbuilt tempering valves, the tempering spindle can be replaced.

Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Mornington explains that even when your hot water unit is showing symptoms of one of these parts not working correctly, the issue could actually be more than meets the eye and the problem could be a multitude of other non replaceable parts. So Virtually when replacing these parts on a hot water unit you are always taking a risk that it may not actually fix the problem.

The parts that are not physically attached to your hot water unit and are instead connected via a pipe can all be replaced if needed.

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