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Replacing your hot water unit | Orbit Plumbing

Is it time you replace your old hot water unit? If you do then right now is the best time to get a replacement. Orbit Plumbing Products Online are having an August sale on select Bosch hot water heaters and can also offer an easy installation service by one of our Plumber Mornington Peninsula located or south eastern suburbs plumber.

There can be some telling signs that indicate you will need a new hot water unit soon.

  1. If there is any water leaking from the unit especially around the seems or through the under body. This normally means your unit has burst.
  2. Check the manufacturing date on the side of the unit. If it exceeds 10 years than this can be a good indicator that it may be time to replace the unit before it checks out.
  3. If you have an indoor unit at all. It is generally not a good thing to have any kind of indoor hot water heater. Although they can meet Australian standards Orbit Plumbing still recommends against them as they can cause flooding and carbon monoxide risks that are better left outdoors.
  4. If your unit keeps turning the gas off. This means that there are parts inside the unit the most likely need replacing if it is a reasonably new unit. If the unit is an older model than your better off not taking the risk as replacing the available spare parts does not always fix the problem.

We highly recommend replacing your hot water unit to either a Bosch Optiflow 26L Instantaneous or a Bosch Compress 3000 heat pump as these units are extremely efficient.


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