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Root Intrusions In Drains | Orbit Plumbing

Root intrusion can cause huge problems for the plumbing at your house. Our Plumber Frankston, Somerville Plumber, Mornington Plumber or Mornington Peninsula Plumber come across new forms of root intrusion almost every day.

Root intrusion can be very serious or it can also be a quick fix. A very common cause of root intrusion is due to an old style of piping called earthenware. Early styles of this earthenware piping were joined together with mortar and then years later a new style came out with rubber ring joints inside the flange end of the earthenware pipe. Over the years, the mortar joints and the rubber ring joints begin to deteriorate. This deterioration gives tree roots an entry way into the piping, and the roots will always find water.

Unfortunately for a lot of people this causes bad root intrusion. Root intrusion can be caused in many other ways as well, including broken pipes, penetrations through pipes, pipes being installed incorrectly and even gardens growing roots into down pipe storm water points.

To rectify this issue you should call Orbit Plumbing. We can come out and investigate the cause of the problem and make the best decision to make your drains flow again. We may use drain cleaner immediately or we may even use a pipe camera or pipe jetter. One thing for sure is that we will efficiently clear your root intrusion with minimum disturbance to you and your family.

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