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Save the Environment Cleaning Products and Cleaning Your Shower | Orbit Plumbing

Showers are not one of our favorite cleaning activities, however showers over time get a build-up of soap scum and can grow bacteria without regular cleaning, the mildew is not a health hazard but the pink coloured film in the bottom of your shower is an airborne bacteria.   Showers are dark, warm moist areas – the perfect place for bacteria to grow.

Orbit Plumbing knows how important it is to clean your shower, removing all the build-up of mould. Did you know that mould is a living organism a bacteria that can harm you and your family.

Leaving the bathroom exhaust fan on or have good ventilation while showering and at least 30 minutes after showering, will minimize and  can prevent mould to start growing on your showers, bathroom walls and ceilings.

Cleaning the shower should not take long,  a quick clean once week or more if required will ensure you and your family’s health. Who wants to jump into the shower and wonder what types for gems are in there with you?

You can use the commercial cleaning chemical products, which are harsh on your skin, shower, tiles and shower base. If you use one of these products, make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Have you considered to make your own home prepared cleaning products, there are a number of different types and blends around. Orbit Plumbing, a family business whom practices good green living and environmentally friendly living, making our own cleaning products from normal household products,  Vinegar, baking soda and a splash of water to dilute the mixture, in a spray bottle.

This is a cheaper and more environmentally safe mix, for our family, our water ways and the creatures living in this environment.

If there is a large amount of mould and scum, Orbit Plumbing recommends the old fashion elbow grease, scrubbing and a good environment friendly,  green cleaning mixture.

If cleaning does not remove the mould, you can replace the grout and shower sealer, plumbers normally use silicon to seal and water proof, but over time the silicon may lift and bacteria can start to grow underneath the sealer  making  your shower look dirty, even if clean.

Cleaning the shower tips.

Orbit Plumbing hopes this helps !

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