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Septic Secondary Treatment Plants Explained | Orbit Plumbing

Orbit Plumbing’s plumber Frankston way explains that a septic system is comprised of multiple components and plumbing products. Depending on the size of your house, what type of soil composition you have, your Mornington plumbing council requirements and the location and surrounding of where you live will all have a big impact on what type of septic system you will require.

Most septic systems comprise of firstly  a 2 stage septic tank which breaks down the solids into fluid or effluent and then moves this effluent into a dispersion field.  Plumbers Mornington Peninsula focused often find some properties with smaller areas for their dispersion field or possibly set back distances for bodies of water that are too close for a standard septic distribution system may require a secondary treatment plant installed directly after the primary treatment system or septic tank.

These secondary treatment plants have a variety of filtration makes but more commonly an aeration filtration system is used to refine the effluent to a cleaner substance using this secondary treated effluent opens the door for the use of more types of dispersion fields including the most common sub surface irrigation the secondary treatment plant pumps the secondary treated effluent through the sub surface irrigation with a return line back into the septic tank for further treatment.

Plumber Somerville Secondary Treatment Plant Installation

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