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We have been receiving a lot of calls lately about our customer’s septic systems flooding their blocks and causing effluent to rise up and contaminate their properties. I wanted to make this post to let you know what the most common cause is for this and how you can fix the issue.

Our Plumber Mornington Peninsula way explains that during periods of heavy rain your absorption trenches can also take on a lot of ground water to add to the septic effluent that is also running into them. Mostly the cause is because the trench system was not installed properly in the first place and this is especially the case across the some 33,000 septic systems on the Mornington Peninsula.

Back in the day when there was a lot less regulations on what was done with septic plumbers used to just through in what ever system they thought was appropriate. Unfortunately, a lot of them got it wrong and now the Peninsula is suffering from contamination of effluent into it’s water ways. Luckily the good people at the Environmental health office are now taking care of business and they have enforced new rules and regulations to ensure the peninsula’s water ways will become fresh once again.

As our Somerville Plumber, I have seen much of the damage and i can tell you, it’s not pretty.

So the main cause that we see on properties is that plumbers have installed the wrong types of systems or a system with insufficient absorption area. When we get heavy rains as we are at the moment, the ground water adds to the mess and usually will back up and even overflow your septic tank when the system does not have enough natural fall. If the system has plenty of natural fall, then the cause will more than likely be that there is a blocked pipe within the trenches which needs to be cleared.

A great way to solve this issue is to contact Orbit Plumbing and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Environmental management team and organize for your system to be rectified to meet the current standards and regulations. More than likely if its more than just a blockage, you could find that we would either pump the water from your septic away from the area and into a more stable absorption trench area that can not back flow into the septic tank or we would change your system incorporating a secondary treatment plant and a sub surface irrigation system.

Plumber Somerville Flooding Absorbtion Trench area

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