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So you want a new garden tap installed | Orbit Plumbing

So many houses these days have only 1 outside garden tap and this is causing issues for customers all over the Mornington Peninsula Plumbers work areas. Our Plumber Frankston tells us that so many people have to stretch their hoses all the way around the house and a sick of having to keep unraveling a hose and putting it back again.

Luckily Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Plumber has a great solution that will make your life easier and it’s actually a quick and easy fix that you may not have known about. We can come around a jump into your roof space, we then locate a 3/4 inch water line and tee a new water line into it. After that we neatly run a new copper pipe down your external wall in the position you want your new garden tap and fix a new tap hard against the wall. Our Somerville Plumber will then run a new water pipe from the tee and connect it into the copper pipe that has been installed into the roof space.

There are also other ways of installing this new tap that usually take a bit longer and require more materials. We can actually put the pipe into the wall itself so you can not see any pipe work on the wall or we can use the pipework inside the wall near another water fixture to hook on to and pull a new water line out to the garden tap.

Plumber Mornington Garden tap installed on brick wall Plumber Somerville New tap on brick wall

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