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Soapy Water and Gas | Orbit Plumbing

First thing is first. If you think there could be a gas leak at your house, you should turn the gas meter off immediately and call Orbit Plumbing Mornington to investigate and possibly rectify the problem. Don’t take any chances with gas. If it is treated as a “she’ll be right” kind of situation than you could get yourself into trouble.

You should never attempt to do any gas work yourself. Gas is extremely dangerous to work with and you should always use a licensed Plumber Frankston located like Orbit Plumbing to get the job done right. Any Gas modification work requires a compliance certificate along with it to ensure the job is being done be a licensed gas fitter.

Orbit’s Somerville Plumber explains that if you think there is no leak coming from your gas line or outside BBQ but you want to be sure anyway just to be safe you can grab some dish washing detergent and mix it up with some water. Shake the bottle and squeeze out some bubbles from the top of the dish washing detergent bottle onto your gas connections. If you see any form of bubbles appearing and growing or rapidly popping in one place then you more than likely have a gas leak. If your Plumbing products show no movements of the soapy water except for gravity pulling it to the ground then you should be in the clear.

Plumber Mornington Soapy water test on gas meter

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