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Sometime’s we will go out to the curb

From time to time our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers or Frankston Plumbers may need to dig up the nature strip to complete the task you have set for us. Our Plumber Mornington way explains that there are a large amount of plumbing products and services running in your nature strip and you might find some or all of the following.

  1. Storm water connection point – The storm water connection point will give you a place for all of your rain water to run away too. This can be numerous types of drains. Your storm water may run out to the road and then into a storm water pipe or you may have a storm water channel that runs along side the road.
  2. Mains water supply – Your mains water supply is run almost everywhere on the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston and this is the potable water supply that you will drink and use on a daily basis.
  3. Sewer connection point – Your sewer point collects all of your waste from every fixture in your house. With out this we would be in a world of trouble.
  4. Recycled water supply – The recyled water supply is less common than the standard water supply. This connection gives you a feed of treated water that comes from the sewerage farm for you to use on your plants. Don’t worry to much as this water is very well treated although we would not recommend anyone drink it.

Orbit’s Somerville Plumbers will always ensure we have the correct permits in place if we need to extend your work out to the nature strip to satisfy council requirements.

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