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Square or Round Basin? | Orbit Plumbing

So you are in the middle of doing a bathroom or powder room renovation and you have arrived at the point where you have to select a basin. You have seen a multitude of Basin of all different sizes and you just can not figure out what is going to suit best in your new space. This is a common issue that our Mornington Peninsula Plumbers come across on a daily basis. So Orbit Plumbing’s Plumber Frankston way is here to give you some ideas and insight into what may be the best direction from here.

Check out the other shapes in your bathroom. If the bench top, toilet or bath tub have more of a square shape look to them then you might find that going with a square shaped basin will suit better. If your other fixtures have more of a roundish shape then you may find that installing a round or oval basin may look right.

Our Somerville Plumber explains that basin plumbing products come in all shapes and sizes.  A semi-recessed basin is half built into the bench top and half coming out of the front of the bench top, these can be great if you a short on space in your bathroom as you can install a smaller sized bench top.

Plumber Somerville New Square Basin and Tapset Plumber Mornington New tap set on oval basin

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