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Storm water Drama’s

Your storm water plays such an important role in the health of your home. Please call Orbit Plumbing for a Plumber Frankston, Mornington Plumber or Somerville Plumber to check out all of your storm water drama’s today. If your down pipe is over flowing or you have a wet patch forming on the ground its more than likely because you have a serious issue with your storm water pipe.

Most likely it will be because the pipe itself has been broken or has come apart due to earth movement. If it is overflowing it is more than likely caused by a blockage. Depending on the pipe a blockage can be caused by so many different things like tree roots, frayed pipe ends, penetrations, incorrect fall etc.

Orbit Plumbing have a Mornington peninsula Plumber ready to go to fix these nasty problems.

If they are left for too long without being rectified they can cause the ground to expand and contract under your house, moving the slab or footings holding your most important asset of the dirt.

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