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Storm water ground drain | Orbit Plumbing

Managing the storm water around your home is an important part of home maintenance. Water has shaped the world around us and let our Plumber Mornington way tell you it can shape the structure of your home as well.

A storm water ground water drain can be a great solution to catch water running off any paved or concreted area. Orbit’s Somerville Plumber also explains that these pits can be used as access points to rectify any blockages that may occur and even act as an overflow point in case there is a huge amount of rain that the storm water pipes can not handle.

The pit you can see below in the image is a point of connection for a down pipe which runs into the storm water pit and then the pipe running straight down in the pit runs directly into the main storm water piping running on the side of this property. Our Frankston Plumber completed this job and if you look closely you can see that the pipe running down into the main pipe is actually sticking up a little out of the bottom of the pit. Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumber has said this is done so that any solids that may go into the pit can be cleaned out before going into the main storm water drain.

Plumber Somerville Installed ground drain

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