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Tempering Valves and why they are so important | Orbit Plumbing

When you have a hot water service that delivers water to your taps that hot water needs to be tempered. A Plumber Frankston bound explains that most gas and electric storage hot water units hold the water inside the tank at 60 degrees Celsius. This water is kept at this temperature to prevent any bacteria or disease growing inside the tank. When the water is at 60 degrees Celsius the water is way to hot for anything to breed.

Our Mornington Peninsula Plumber also explains that you should never use a hot water unit that is not tempered. As much as it is a good thing that the bacteria can not grow, the hotter temperature of the water means that if you get the full 60 degrees Celsius on your skin it can give you third degree burns in 1 second. When the water is tempered down to 50 degrees Celsius it will take 10 minutes to give you third degree burns, thus the importance of a tempering valve.

Orbit Plumbing’s Mornington Plumber and Somerville plumbers install tempering valves on all hot water units that are not locked to 50 degrees Celsius out of the box. Most of the time if we are installing a hot water service at an elderly persons home or child care center we will aim to have the water delivery temperature at 45 degrees Celsius by mixing more cold water into the tempered water line through the tempering valve for extra precautionary measure.


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