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Tempering Valves Explained

A Tempering Valve is a very important part of installing Hot Water into a home. Our service Plumber Frankston way knows everything there is about Tempering Valves and Tempered Hot water. Orbit Plumbing are Somerville plumbers that cover all of the Mornington Peninsula Plumber area.

What a tempering Valve essentially is used for is to mix hot and cold water to create a warm water solution. A lot of Hot water units heat water to extremely hot temperatures that would burn you in seconds.

Elderly people actually have a lessened sensitivity of heat so it is extremely important to install either a compliant hot water unit or a tempering Valve that will cool the water down to the regulated temperature. Our Mornington Plumber will always commission an installed tempering valve and test for compliant temperatures to ensure the safety of our customers.

There are now some Hot Water Units like the Aquamax 390 Gas Storage Unit that contain tempering valves built in with easy to adjust temperate control. You can check out our Plumbing Products at  Products section of this site.

It is now good practice for a plumber to install 2 hot water lines in a home. A Hot line running to the kitchen & Laundry and then a tempered line running to the bathrooms. This allows appliances that require very hot water to operate correctly and prevents any burning injuries where your family are going to expose themselves to hot water on a regular basis.


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