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It is truly frightening to know that our Frankston plumber found this cluster of termites less than 5 metres away from our customers home! He required a plumber Somerville way to clear a storm water blockage. It was quite an involved job, luckily our Mornington Peninsula plumbing company have all the required tools, equipment and skills to rectify even a major blocked drain.

During the process of repairing the blockage and therefore restoring working order to the plumbing products in our customers home, we were required to dig down to the storm water piping to replace the damaged section when we discovered these little critters and immediately notified the home owner of the termites presence. He was shocked to learn this and urgently arranged for a professional pest control service to eradicate the infestation before it reached his home and could have caused devastating consequences.

While our plumbers Mornington and beyond very rarely come across pest infestations they are well aware of how important it is to ensure home owners are protected against this serious problem. A service is available where materials containing pest repellent are permanently fixed around the entire perimeter of your house making pests unable to cause chaos for your home and recommends all home owners to research and consider this option.

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