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The Aquamax 390SS Hot Water System

Plumbers Mornington Peninsula based and most probably all over the rest of the state would have over the years come to know, love and recommend the Aquamax 390SS hot water unit to a majority of their customers in need of a new hot water unit, our plumber Frankston being the main suburb he works in certainly does so!

Somerville plumbing company Orbit Plumbing say that the Aquamax 390SS hot water unit is a reliable option as far as plumbing products go, its quality construction makes for a long life meaning the home owner can most likely enjoy more than 10 years of hot water from this unit before having to arrange for a replacement or repair any parts. Should there be nay issue before that time the manufacturer offers a warranty on many of the components.

From time to time our Mornington plumber has been called upon to replace some of the smaller parts in these units which can greatly extend the life of the hot water service but each is a case by case situation no 2 units are the same once they have been used as each and every one of us use hot water at different times for different lengths which affects the unit in a unique way.

Plumber Mornington Aquamax 390SS Hot water unit

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