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The difference between standard mixers and special mixers | Orbit Plumbing

If you have called Orbit Plumbing Mornington looking to have a new mixer supplied and installed you will more than likely be asked what type of mixer you would like installed at your sink. Our Plumber Frankston can install a standard mixer or we can install something a bit more special.

Orbit’s Mornington Peninsula Plumbers can install Sink mixers virtually in any kitchen or laundry sink and we can even install them on other types of basins or commercial fixtures on request.

A standard mixer is just a term that our Somerville Plumber uses to describe the most commonly installed type of mixer. This mixer can be seen in the top image and we will always recommend that you spend at least about $120 on one of these mixers to ensure you get something of a reasonable quality.

Now, something special refers to any other type of mixer and you can view an example of one of these mixers in the below photo. The mixer in the image is a goose neck mixer. These mixers range in price enormously although as a guide we would normally recommend that you spend a minimum of about $180 on a different style sink mixer so again you can ensure the quality is going to last.

If you have a look through some of the plumbing stores you will find that the more you pay the higher quality your tap ware will be.

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